State Courts Practice Directions 2021


81. Requests for further arguments before the Judge or Registrar

(1) All requests for further arguments shall be made by way of a “Request for Further Arguments” and filed through the Electronic Filing Service.

(2) The party filing the Request must, either in the Request or a document attached thereto:

(a) state the party making the request;

(b) identify the Judge or Registrar who heard the matter in question;

(c) specify when the order concerned was made;

(d) state the provision of law under which the request is made;

(e) set out the proposed further arguments briefly, together with any supporting authorities; and

(f) include a copy of each of the authorities cited.

(3) A copy of the Request must be furnished to all parties concerned.

(4) All Requests must be addressed to the Registrar.

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